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Go Nighthawks!

Go Nighthawks!

Learning can be Fun!

Learning can be Fun!

Mr. Roldan

Welcome Parents/Students,

My name is Mr. Roldan and I have been teaching at Nightingale Middle School for twelve years.  I currently teach a Learning Center class, in addition to co-teaching 8th grade Math and English.  I have a tremendous passion and am a strong believer in education.  I graduated with a bachelor's degree from USC and received my Masters in Education and teaching credentials from LMU.  I believe every student has the right to have a rich learning experience with the opportunity for higher education.  My goal is to give every student that opportunity.

Please click on the "Course Syllabus" link on the left of the page to access a description of my Learning Center course and how it can benefit your child.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by clicking on the "Email" link on the right of the page with any questions you may have.  Thank you and I look forward to having a great year!


Machu Pichu, Peru

Machu Pichu, Peru


Roldan, Mr.

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A dream we can all achieve.