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Mr. Nakano

General Course Description

My Physical Education Classes for grades 6th - 8th are designed to enable the students to learn how to improve their health and learn how to become fit for life.  Everyday the students will stretch, condition, work on strengthening their muscles, and work on skills and agility.  The students will be required to work hard and do the best that they can to improve their fitness.  The students will learn the muscles that are used to stretch and exercise.  They will also learn how to participate in activities, work with others, good sportsmanship, game rules, and game strategy.

The students will have team sports such as basketball, football, soccer, softball, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.  They will also have individual sports such as gymnastics, track and field, and tumbling.  They will all get an opportunity to use the fitness room which has spin bikes and a variety of weights, bands, and other core training tools.  They will also learn to about their resting and working heart rate.

Class Rules

  1. Have a good attitude.  Your success will be a result of your choice to have a good attitude in this class.  This includes good sportsmanship.
  2. Be a good listener.  If you can listen well and remember what you are taught then you will do well in class.
  3. Be ready.  Always be on time to class and ready to work before the bell rings to begin the class.
  4. Be respectful.  Have respect for your teacher, campus aides, fellow students and yourself.
  5. Be helpful.  Be ready to help your class, your team and your fellow students to achieve success.
  6. Be responsible.  You must take responsibility for your gym clothes, work and conduct in the class.
  7. Be honest.  Some activities will require you to record your scores or answer written test questions and that must be your own work and accurate.  Cheating on assignments will result in a grade of fail on that activity and other consequences as well.
  8. No food or drink in class.  Food or drink is not allowed in class at any time.  Any food or drink must be either consumed before you get to the PE field or stored in your backpack until you leave the PE field.
  9. Take care of all equipment and facilities.
  10. Always have your planner and a pen or pencil stored in your locker during the class.
  11. Be safe.  Always follow the rules of safety to avoid unnecessary injuries to yourself or others.
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