Nightingale Middle School

Project 1 - Soap-Box Derby

DUE: SEPTEMBER 2, 2015    pg.309-316


To all DAM Scientist:

You just graduated from one of the prestigious universities in California. You want to join the DAM (Dynamic Assessment Methodologies) company as research scientists. The first competition that all scientists must participate in is the Soapbox Derby. Your tasks are to research, design and build two types of cars, one with three wheels, and the other one with four wheels. These cars must be able to take advantage of one of the most important forces in nature, Gravitational Force, traveling down a 30 degree ramp, to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. The Displacement is East and four meters from the Reference Point. The competition will be outdoor. Some of the winning cars' pictures from the previous years are posted. As a rule at the DAM company, the losing group will have to CLEAN. If you have any questions, please proceed to Project Headquarter, Room 374 during recess time, lunch break, or after work. To all new scientists, welcome aboard. Get Ready, Be Prepared, and good luck!

The length of your car must be at least 12 inches, the width must be at least 3 inches and maximum 10 inches. To get an A your car must travel 4 meters. To get a B you car must travel at least 2 meter. To get a C, less than 2 meters traveled or car doesn't work.


I. Introduction (Hint: Answer this question, why do I have to do this project/experiment?):


II. Hypothesis (Hint: Start with "if I"):


III. Objective (Hint: Write 1 question):


IV. Materials (Hint: Cannot replace parts go first):
2.Card board boxes 
3.wood, or plastic, or metal rods 
4.Glue or tape 
6. Scissor
7. Bottle caps



V. Procedure (Hint: At least 5 steps to do your project/experiment):



VI. Data Table:




VII. Results(Hint:Translate the data table into a paragraph. Hint 2: use the word "range")




VIII. Conclusion(Hint: Start with the objective):

1. Checking for Understanding - (Answer the following question.) 

A. What is the displacement? 
B. What is the total distance traveled? 
C. What is the total time traveled? 
D. What is the average speed? 
E. Is your displacement the same as your distance? Why? Why not? 
F.. Calculate the slope for the Position vs Time graph. 
G. Is the Average Speed and the slope the same? why or why not? 
H. What is the unit for Average Speed? 
I. What concepts in Science have I learned?


2. Write a persuasive essay to your friend