Nightingale Middle School

Project 3 - Monster Truck


Project #3 (page ) – MONSTER TRUCK
Due 10/22/14 page 325-332


To the DAMS Scientists, 
From Project 2, you learned and experimented with some of the methods to generate forces. All scientist are encouraged to refine and improve on those methods even further. In this competition, the task is to generated as much force as needed to push and pull a one kilogram cement truck for a distance of at least one meter. You have earned a spot to participate in the ultimate competition, the Final Showdown. As the title implied, this round will require the best of what you have learned. You are allowed to use balloons and rubberbands to provide additional force. Please keep in mind Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. All scientists are required to participate in this competition. As usual the losing group has to clean. If you have any questions, please proceed to Competition Headquarters. Good Luck to everyone on Wednesday October 30, 2013. 

I. Objective: To design and build a Monster truck that uses both rubber bands and balloons to power your truck with maximum force. 

II. Research - (research on pushing vs pulling)

III. Hypothesis - (Based on your research, write your hypothesis.) 

IV Materials: 
2.Card board boxes 
3.Wood, or plastic, or metal rods 
4.Glue or tape 
5.Rubber bands, or balloons 

V. Requirements: 
1.The length of your truck must be at least 10 inches. 
2.The width of your truck must be at least 3 inches and maximum 10 inches. 

VI. Grading: 
1.To get an A your truck must push and pull a car that weighs 10 Newton's for more than 1 meter 
2.To get a B your truck can push and pull a car that weighs 10 Newton's for 1 meter or less. 
3.You will get a C if your truck doesn’t work 

VII. Procedure - (How did you build your project? You must have at least 5 steps) 

VIII. Data Table- (create two data tables of 5 rows by 4 columns, one for pulling and one for pushing)

IX. Graphs - 
1. Position vs. Time 
2. Distance vs. Time. 

X. Conclusion - (You must have three paragraphs) 

XI. How did you feel about this project? 

XII. Checking For Understanding. 
A. Did your truck push and pull the 10 Newton weight? Why? Why not? 
B. How much force did your truck generate approximately (more than 10 Newtons, or less than 10 Newtons, and why?) 
C. What is the mass of the truck? 
D. Calculate the approximate acceleration of your truck. 
E. Create a Force vs. Mass graph for your truck. 
F. Calculate the slope of your Force vs. Mass graph. 
G. Are the acceleration and the slope of your Force vs. Mass graph the same? Why? Why not? 
H. What Science concepts have I learned in this project?