Nightingale Middle School

Project 4 - Submarine

Project #4 (page 333-340) – Due 11/12/2014  How to build: 



Dear DAM scientists,

You have made it through the terrestrial environment experiments. Now it's time to move to aquatic environments experiments. Your first aquatic project is the submarine. Your task is to design and build two submarines, one small, one large. The objective is to determine which submarine can maintain balance easiest. Any questions please proceed to project headquarters in room 374. This competition is due Nov 9 and as usual, losing team will clean. Good luck!

I. Objective: To design and build two submarines using the concepts of buoyancy and density to maintain balance without sinking or floating in water. 
II. Research: Different sizes of submarines

III. Hypothesis

IV. Materials: 
1. Two clean plastic bottles(1 large, 1 small)
2. Styrofoam 
3. Marbles, sand, coins 
4. Glue 

V. Requirements: 
1. The length of your submarine must be between 6 inches and 18 inches. 
2. Must have two fins. 

VI. Grading: 
1.To get an A your submarine must maintain balance without sinking or floating in the water for more than 3 seconds. 
2.To get a B your submarine can maintain balance without sinking or floating for 3 seconds or less. 
3.You will get a C if your submarine doesn’t work 

VII. Porcedure: How did you build your project? (Must have at least 5 steps) 

 VIII  Data Table (7 column, 3 rows)

 IX. Graphing

X.  Results

what went right?

what went wrong?

XI. Conclusion


XII. How did you feel about this project? 

XIII.Checking for Understanding
Answer the following questions. 
A. What is the weight of your submarines? 
B. How much buoyant force is pushing up on your submarines? 
C. How are the buoyant force and the weight of your related? 
D. What is the mass of your submarines? 
E. How much volume is displaced by your submarines? 
F. What is the density formula? 
G. Calculate the density of your submarines.