Nightingale Middle School

Project 6 - Rockets

Project #6 (page 349-356) – Rockets Due                        How to build:
The next human frontier is to created human civilization beyond planet earth. The first step in accomplishing this dream is to build a space station at about 250 miles above the earth. Rockets are the best vehicles to ferry supplies such as food, building material, electronics as well as humans back and forth. The task for the DAM's Company Scientists is to build different types of rockets that can handle this job. To the DAM's Scientist: your job is to build rockets that can contribute in achieving this dream by January 9, 2013. Should you have any questions, please proceed to project headquarters in room 374.

I. Objective: To design and build rockets using the concepts of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and fluid pressure to achieve maximum altitude. 

II Research: Different number of wings/fins

III. Hypothesis
IV. Materials: 
1. 4 clean 2-liter plastic bottles 
2. styrafoam, cardboard (for fins and cones) 
3. strong glue 
4. aluminum foil 
5. ruler 

V. Requirements: 
1. Four rockets. 
2. All four rockets must have the same cone size and different number of fins designed

VI. Grading: 
1. To get an A your rocket must stay in the air for longer than four seconds. 
2. To get a B your rocket stays in the air for less than 4 sec 
3. You will get a C if your rocket doesn’t work 

VII Procedure: How did you build your project? (Must have at least 5 steps) 

VIII Data Table
IX  Graphing

X. Results

What was the result? 
A. What went right? 
Rocket #1 
Rocket #2 
Rocket #3 
Rocket #4 
B. What went wrong? 
Rocket #1 
Rocket #2 
Rocket #3 
Rocket #4 

XI Conclusion

XII. How did you feel about this project? 

XIII. Answer the following questions. 
1. What is the best time of your rocket? 
2. What is the mass of your rocket? 
3. What is the maximum altitude of your rocket, approximately? 
4. What is the acceleration of your rocket, approximately? 
5. How much force is generated by your rocket, approximately?

Rocket Video

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