Nightingale Middle School

Project 7 - Hovercraft

Project #7 (page 357-364) – HOVERCRAFT   Due 2/19/2014 How to build:

     After the passing of the perfect storm of the century, named Sean, all the roads and bridges were destroyed and flooded. There are millions of people trapped and stranded without food, medicine and emergency supplies. The head of the DAM Corp., Mr.Dam, has challenged his scientists to build a vehicle that can transport supplies, to assist and rescue the people who are trapped and stranded.

     To the DAM's Corp Scientists: The challenge is to build the best hover craft that can handle this rescue mission. This project must be completed by May 8, 2013. We should have plenty of time to accomplish this task. Should you have any questions, please proceed to the DAM's Headquarters in room 374. Human lives are at stake! We will must get this done!

I. Objective: To design, build and compare two hovercrafts(1 with large bottle, 1 with small sized bottle)  using the concepts of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and fluid pressure to achieve maximum lift. 
II Research: How do hovercrafts work?(50 words)

III Hypothesis-

IV. Materials: 
1. Two CD's
2. One 2-Liter bottle and 1 smaller sized bottle (like a water bottle)
3. Glue (sealant/silicon type) 
4. Balloons 
5. Styrafoam (for balancing fins and decoration) 
6. Scissor 
7. Fan (for testing) 
8. Ruler 

V. Requirements: 
The hovercraft must be balanced. 

VI. Grading: 
1. To get an A your hovercraft must be able to cross a gap of 15 cm. 
2. To get a B your hovercraft couldn’t cross the gap. 
3. You will get a C if your hovercraft didn’t work. 

VII. Procedure:
 How did you build your project? (Must have at least 5 steps) 
VIII. Data Table

IX Graphing

A. What went right? 
Trial #1 
Trial #2 
Trial #3 
B. What went wrong? 
Trial #1 
Trial #2 
Trial #3 

XI. Conclusion

XII. How did you feel about this project? 

XIII. Answer the following questions. 
1. What is the best time of your hovercraft? 
2. what is the mass of your hovercraft? 
3. What is the maximum distance your hovercraft traveled? 
4. What is the average speed of your hovercraft? 
5. How much force is generated by your hovercraft approximately?