Nightingale Middle School

Project 10 - The Bridge

Project #10 (page 181-189) – The Bridge             How to build:

A recent hurricane washed away the main bridge connecting an island village to the mainland. The old bridge was completely destroyed. The villagers have sufficient foods, medicines and other essential supplies to last one week. Time is very critical. You are a civil engineer working for the DAM company. Your job is to build a bridge to replace the destroyed one. You have only two weekends to complete the task. If you have any questions, please proceed to project headquarters in room 374. Good luck. 

I. Objective: To design and build a bridge using the concepts of Balance force and Friction to support maximum load.
II. Research: On different bridge designs

III. Hypothesis:
IV. Materials: 
1. Popsicle sticks
2. Wood glue 
3. Ruler 

V. Requirements:

1. The span between two supports/legs must be at least 12 inches/31 cm.
2. The width of your bridge must be at least equal to the width of a pair of your shoes side by side.
3. The height of both supports/legs must be at least 6 inches/16 cm.

VI. Grading:
1. To get an A your bridge must support your own mass for at least three seconds without collapsing. 
2. To get a B your bridge can support your mass for less than three seconds.
3. You will get a C if your bridge collapsed the instant you put your mass on it.

VII. Procedure: How did you build your project? (Must have at least 5 steps)
VIII. Data

IX. Graph

X. Results. What was the result?
A. What went right? 
Trial #1
Trial #2
Trial #3
B. What went wrong?
Trial #1
Trial #2
Trial #3

XI. Conclusion:
XII. How did you feel about this project?

XIII. Answer the following questions.
1. What is the maximum load your bridge can support?
2. what is the mass of your bridge?
3. What is the structure of your bridge?
4. Draw and label all the dimensions of your bridge.
5. What is the surface area of the bottom of your pair of shoes?
6. How much pressure can your bridge withstand?