Nightingale Middle School

The Journey

Page 1. To My University/College,

Directions -

1, Research on some of the U/C mentioned in class. 
2. Use Google Earth/map to see the surrounding environments/communities.
3. Narrow your choices down to three U/C as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. Focus strictly on what you see from Google Earth/map. Explain why you like the U/C . 
4. What is the distance to from your house to each of the U/C in both km and hour? 
5. If you are to travel at 60 mph? How long would it take for you to get to each of the U/C. (approximate to the nearest hours.)

Page 2 To My Dream 

Directions -

1. Research on three careers that we discussed in class that pay at least $36,000 a year. Remember the joke on BMW vs. Huandai.
2. Which majors with a Bachelor degree will allow you to have these careers?
3. Which U/C is the best at offering these majors?
4. If you are making $36,000/year, how much is per hour? Round to the nearest dollar.
5. If you are making $25/hour, how much is your annual salary? Round to the nearest thousand.