Nightingale Middle School

Class Experiment on Beans


Get 2 clear plastic bottles, 1 big cup of soil, 1 big cup of sand, and get 8 white beans. 

Wash the sand, and clean the bottles 

Mark the bottles near the top with a marker 

Cut the bottles at the line with scissors 

Put the soil in 1 bottle and put the sand in the other bottle 

Put 4 beans along the edge of each bottle evenly spaced 

Push each bean down to the first digit of your finger 

Cover each bean with soil and sand 

Check and water the beans every other day 

Place the bottles under indoor light 

Take a picture 

In my Science class, I have to do an experiment on how white beans can grow better in potting soil or in playground soil. The control variable is potting soil. The experimental variable is playground sand.