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Hello, Hola, 你好, Xin Chào, & สวัสด (Translation can be found at the bottom right hand of the page.  This is a literal translation done by a computer. Words in blue are direct links to another page.  Click on them to go to that link.)


Welcome to my school web page for 6th grade English/Reading, Anc Civ, and Intro to Comp (NFTE).  I am extremely excited to be part of the Nightingale Business Entrepreneurial & Technology Magnet! I'm looking forward to another great school year and getting to know my students and their families. Teaching at Nightingale has been an enjoyable and gratifying experience the last 14 years and I anticipate my 15th year to be much of the same.  Overall, this will be my 19th year of teaching in the district.

Our classroom utilizes technology for educational purposes on a daily basis in a teacher monitored, safe, and secure environment.  Your child may often have a technology based homework assignment requiring the use of a computer, internet, smart phone, camera, video, podcast, iTunes U (education part of iTunes) or even an mp3 player.  Ample time will be given to complete the assignment in case they do not have access to that technology at home.  For example, with an internet based assignment, a student has three days to a week to complete it based on the length and complexity of the assignment.  It is important for students, parents, and teachers to find solutions when technology access is limited at home. 

I am a strong believer in developing students who can work independently, cooperatively, and monitor themselves.   Students will work together in groups and pairs on classwork and projects.  They will also have chances to work independently on daily classwork, homework, and individual projects.  Students are encouraged to seek assistance and ask clarifying questions if they have a question or concern about an assignment or with anything regarding the class in general.  During middle school it is essential for children to develop independent and group skills to become successful students.   In the real world after high school and college, employers look for people who are: self motivated, able to work independently AND collaboratively, and can problem solve - not allow a problem to stop them. 

The best means of communicating with me is through my account with SMS text messages to (228) 202-1515.  

You can also email,  I have a 24 hour policy in which I will respond to you within a 24 hour period from the time it was sent unless it is over the weekend and it may be 48 hours.  You or your child may also email me questions and or concerns as well.

If I do not respond to your messages or emails it means I am away or from my computer or cell phone and will respond once I am able.  

I look forward to meeting parents at Back to School Night, during Parent Teacher Conferences, and throughout the year. 


  • 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM and nutrition time, Computer Lab C211
  • 7:50 AM to 8:13 AM and lunch in my classroom, C210
  • 2:58 PM to 3:30 PM in my classroom, C210
  • If you have any concerns with technology usage please read the last paragraph to communicate with me.

FREE COMPUTER OR WIFI ACCESS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL  (Finding ways to use computers and WIFI instead of excuses.)

  • Local public libraries (google maps) have computers for the public to use as well.  Double check hours available.
  • Many coffee shops and even McDonald's offers free WIFI for your electronic devices.  Make sure to change settings on your electronic device so it is using the WIFI network instead of your cellular data.
  • Ask a friend, neighbor, or relative.


  • Updated daily in the areas of homework and or current lessons, activities, and projects so you will know what your child is learning in class and what their homework assignments are.
  • For absences, your child can find their homework and classwork on the messageboard. Keep in mind the messageboard cannot include all explanations and activities that take place in the classroom.  Class handouts can be found on the messageboard.
  • At the bottom left under "LOCKER" are additional important files that can be downloaded by students or parents. 

TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS DIGITALLY  Your child may also send assignments when absent by

  1. Posting to Google Docs DROP BOX (found at the top of my page) and sharing with me,
  2. Sending a photo of the assignment via email and/or attachments to  with the PROPER TITLE of the assignment!
  3. Bring their homework on a USB flash drive if he/she is experiencing printer problems at home or does not have a printer.



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