Nightingale Middle School

Grading Rubric

Assessment Rubric

Grading Rubric


(5) A        Master all concept standards

                 Have all criteria

                Work is neat and organized

                Demonstrate outstanding effort


(4) B       Master most concept standards

                Have most/main criteria

                Work is neat and organized

                Demonstrate student effort

                Work is turned in on time


(3) C       Master some concept standards

                Have some criteria

                Demonstrate some effort


(2) D      Master 1 concept standard

               Incomplete work

               Work is incorrectly done

               Demonstrate little effort


(1) F       No work or minimum work turned in

               Demonstrate no effort

Math Grading Policy

60% based on Quizzes and Tests

20% based on daily homework

15% based on math journal

5% based on projects / class participation / miscellaneous activites


Science Grading Policy

50% based on spelling and concept tests

25% based on projects

15% based on interactive notebook

10% based on homework