Nightingale Middle School

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

To ensure student success in school depends a large part on working in an environment that is safe and supportive as well as structured.  I have developed a classroom discipline plan that includes rules that will guide every student in making responsible choices about his or her behavior. 


Classroom Rules

1. Be seated before the tardy bell rings.

2. No gum, candy, food or drink allowed in class.

3. No fighting, teasing, swearing, or name-calling allowed in class.

4. Show respect to the teacher and fellow classmates.

5. Bring books, pencils, paper, and other learning material to class daily.

7. Remain properly seated in your assigned seat the entire period.

8. Raise your hand to get permission to speak out loud or to get out of your seat.

9. Always be ready to learn.

10. Pay attention and work quietly on independent assignments  / or use a volume 1 in cooperative groups.



Positive Recognition

1.   Receive awards and certificates

2.   Award prizes (Auction once a month)

3.   Receive appropriately earned grades

4.   7th grade promotion next year




1st time:  Warning (verbal or name on board)

2nd time:  Reflective Essay

3rd time:  Addition to Reflective Essay, 1 hour detention / or a call home.

4th time:  Send out of class immediately to write Reflective Essay or see a counselor

**Severe disruption/defiance result in class suspension