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Ms. Sujo


Welcome Parents/Students:

My name is Violeta Sujo and I am a seventh  grade teacher  at Nightingale M.S. This year, like all the previous years, we  will have a wonderful time filled  with  learning.  In order  to  progress in  English we all  have  a  lot  of  work  to  do.  This  syllabus will help you understand what we will be working  on  in class every day, and will show you what to do to pass.  Students  will be  graded on  four aspects of their  work  in  this  class. The textbook we'll be using to achieve our goals is HIGH  POINT and the English Language Arts textbook will be HATCHET. We will also be  reading THE BOXCAR CHILDREN.  Some of the grade will come from the  HIGH POINT  assignment.  Great  focus is  placed on oral communication, reading, analyzing, and the writing process.  Oral communication will be stressed in group discussion, individual speeches, and group presentations.  Work in grammar will be  closely  tied to writing.  The students  will recognize  theme, and recurring  theme, and will learn Latin and Greek  roots their meanings and their English derivatives.

In order to succeed we  need to have rules, and follow them.  Ms. Sujo's RULES

                                     1. Follow directions

                                     2.Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

                                                   3. No teasing or cussing.

                                    4. Come prepared (supplies, ready to learn) .

                                                  5. All school rules  apply.

Of course we will have negative consequences like after school and lunch detention,  and positive consequences like tickets for a prize, positive calls home, free time, praise, etc.


                                                                                  GRADING  POLICY    

Percentage  scale, each assignment  has a possible top score of 100%.

Assignment weights

Essays, projects and tests   40%

Quizzes  and class  work    25%

Journal  and participation   20%

Homework                         15%

A=90-100% Work that goes far beyond the requirements of the assignment and demonstrates  an intellect beyond grade level.

B=80-89% Work that goes beyond the requirements of the assignment.

C=65-79% Work that has all the requirements of the assignment.

D=55-64% Work that has more of the requirements of the assignment.

F=0-54% Work that has few of the requirements of the assignment.

Work Habits:

                   All homework and dispatches plus working all the time  during class = E

                  75% of homework and dispatches plus working 75% or more during class = S

                 <75% of homework and/or no dispatches or little working <75% during class =U


                Excellent behavior all the time  = E

                Good behavior most of the time= (75%) = S

                Anything  less = U























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