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Ms. Hernandez

Fieldtrip to Aquarium of the Pacific

Mr. Chelu and Ms. Hernandez' class went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on the last week of this semester.  I created a lesson a week before this fieldtrip to get the students acquainted with ocean animals and to build prior knowledge.  While in the classroom, I had my students watch the 5 different webcams connected to different galleries of the Aquarium as they learned facts about each animal.  The day of the fieldtrip the students were able to recall different aspects of each of the animals they had learned about.

Students were able to see the penguins. They learned that penguins don't just necessarily live in cold weather.  Then students stood next to a plastic penguin that resembles the actual size of this bird.

Students were also able to see a man feeding the fish in a giant tank as he explained the kind of diet fish have.

A woman in a counter explained to my students the kind of fur sea otters have and what its function is.  They were able to touch the fur of a sea otter (the fur had been cut off a sea otter).

Students were fascinated by the brightness of jellyfish in a dark room that resembled the deep sea.  The lighting in each gallery was thoughtfully installed to correspond with the kind of environment each animal group lives in.

Throughout the Aquarium there were opportunities to experience animals first hand.  Students were able to touch starfish, shark, turtles, seaweed, and anemones.

The Aquarium was divided in sections that correspond to different parts of the ocean. The coral reef included turtles.  An Aquarium volunteer helped one of my students wear a turtle shell so he could experience its size, weight and texture.  

Ms. Hernandez' favorite creatures were the sea dragons.  They wrap their tale around plants and around each other.  They propelled themselves with almost see through fins and they seem like very delicate creatures. 

Students will continue to study ocean animals and will generalize new vocabulary learned during the fieldtrip in order to apply it to science and math lessons. 



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