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Dual Language Program

Spanish Dual Language Program

Program Overview

  • Dual language programs (also known as two-way immersion programs) allow English learners and English proficient students to receive instruction in English and Spanish in the same classroom to develop academic proficiency in both languages beginning in kindergarten for a minimum of six years.  

Program Goals

  • Develop communicative and academic second language proficiency
  • Develop primary language proficiency
  • Develop academic achievement in all subject areas
  • Instill an appreciation for cultural diversity

Key Features

  • Both English learners and English proficient students are mixed in the same classroom to promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and multiculturalism
  • Students are held to the same high academic standards
  • No mixing of languages - language of instruction is separated
  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous grouping strategies are used to promote language development and develop literacy skills in English and the target language

Instructional Strategies

  • Specially designed academic instruction in English/target language (SDAIE/T)
  • Sheltering techniques
  • Scaffolding strategies
  • Cooperative learning
  • Communicative and natural approach
  • Thematic planning
  • Student-centered 


Local Dual Language Programs


School Name Instruction Model Grades implementing dual language 
Aldama Elementary 50:50 K-5 
Gates Elementary 50:50 K-5
Huntington Dr. Elementary 50:50 K-5
Loreto Elementary 50:50  K-5
Nightingale MS Spanish, Social Science, Science 6th and 7th