Nightingale Middle School

Sample Science Persuasive Essay




            When presented with the challenge of choosing the most appropriate building material for a specific type of boat, it should be obvious that the driving factor be the overall efficiency of the material – something that can be influenced by its density. Therefore, having selected a pleasure boat for this assignment, it then becomes evident that the building material should be light (for more speed) as well as flexible (to allow for better maneuverability).

            Considering these criteria, I would select wood as my material of choice. Most wood has a natural density of less than 1, meaning that it will float in water without additional modifications. This allows for more freedom of design. Being a natural resource, wood also has the flexibility required to withstand the quick turns and rough impacts encountered when crossing wakes at a high speed. Finally, wood is affordable, meaning repairs can be made without additional stress on the owner.

            Plastic could be considered as a viable option; however, it has the disadvantages of being relatively soft (easily scratched), less flexible, and subject to expensive repair costs. Metal is also less desirable due to its high density value, which would require large open spaces within the structure, cutting maneuverability and limiting design choices (however, these characteristics make metal ideal for a cargo ship).

            Therefore, based on these facts, wood is the one and only option for building a pleasure boat – assuming, of course, that the builder wants the most efficient and economical boating experience possible.