Nightingale Middle School

Project 11- Glider

Project 11- Glider

How to build:
I. Objective: To design and build 1 glider using the concept of center of mass and enter of pressure.

II. Research on different designs of glider

III. Hypothesis

IV. Materials: Any material can be used

V. Requirements: 
1. Longer than 12 inches
2. Shorter than 36 inches

VI. Grading:
1. To get an A your glider must travel at least 10 meters

VII. Procedure

How did you build your project? (Must have at least 5 steps)



IX. Graphs- Distance vs time

X. Results

what went right?

what went wrong?

XI. Conclusion

XII. How did you feel about this project?

XIII. Answer the following questions.
1. What is the best time of your glider?
2. what is the mass of your glider?
3. What is the maximum distance your glider traveled?
4. What is the average speed of your glider?
5. What is the acceleration of your glider?