Nightingale Middle School
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Classes and Electives offered in our Magnet

All our core classes (Math, English, Science, History) will incorporate elements of our BET.  Students can look forward to learning how to create their own resumes, business cards and learn the basics of financial literacy as related to operating a business.  


Some of the electives students can look forward to in our Business Entrepreneurship Technology program are:

  • Introduction to Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • Computer Literacy 


Students will be taught common core state standards as well as having explicit instruction in the following:

-Financial Literacy; where students learn about the importance of maintaining financial independence in a successful business.

-Graphic Design; students will learn how to put together a presentation for a project or mock business proposal presentation. 

-Maintaining an electric portfolio; including a resume and personal statement. 

Instruction is meant to be primarily project based.  This will allow students to experience the spirit of entrepreneurship and give them the experience to troubleshoot problems in a variety of situations and learn from mistakes. 


Summary of curriculum by grade level

6th Grade:

In addition to learning the common core state standards for 6th grade, students will be introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship.  They will examine what it means to be an entrepreneur and how they fill a market need.  Students will begin to create a portfolio with a resume and personal statement.  Students will also be introduced to a career aptitude test to start identifying their strengths in entrepreneurship. 


7th Grade:

In addition to the common core state standards, students will learn how their work impacts a larger community.  Will learn about financial literacy and engage in simulated experiences in which they create a budget for their business. They will update and add information to their portfolios based on research for their own post-secondary options. 


8th Grade:

In addition to the common core state standards, students will extend their learning to encompass the workplace.  They will study a structured unit on workplace behavior and conduct practice job interviews.  Students will further expand their portfolio by updating their resume and personal statement.  They will also add a map of a pathway to a career goal.  A culminating oral presentation and public exhibition of their portfolios will be a requirement for culmination.