Nightingale Middle School
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Notable Alumnus; Yancy Quinones

Nightingale Middle School is proud to have a partnership with former student, Yancy Quinones.  Mr. Quinones is the business owner of Antigua Coffee Shop located across the street from Nightingale.  


Please tell us about yourself Mr. Quinones, 

1. What quality do you think is the most important to become a successful community business member?

EVERYTHING! From mentoring to partnerships to community clean-up efforts, you have to be motivated.


2. When did you realize you wanted to own and run your own business?

When I was a kid, my parents were entrepreneurs. You grow up with it, you just have the expectation.


3. What would the best advice you could offer a  young business entrepreneur?

I learned ambition at Nightingale Middle School; I had a computer science teacher that used to talk about people like Steve Jobs and being an independent thinker. Be your own you. Be yourself and have no fear to do it.  

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Mr. Yancy Quinones

Mr. Yancy Quinones