Nightingale Middle School

Math 7 Syllabus



                Math  7  Syllabus



Teacher:   L. Wong



Class Schedule:    Period 1   Math 7

                                 Period 2   Math 7

                                 Period 3   Conference

                                 Period 4   Math 7

                                 Period 5   Math 7

                                 Period 6   Math 7



Curriculum:  Seventh Grade Mathematics



Course Objectives:   The students will demonstrate their

                                     understanding  of the concepts and process

                                     contained in the Common Core Grade 7

                                     Mathematics Standards.  The  students will

                                     become adept at manipulating numbers

                                     and equations and understand the general

                                     principles  at work.  Students will understand

                                     and use factoring  of numerators and

                                    denominators, properties of   exponents,

                                    and the Pythagorean theorem and solve 

                                    problem in which they compute the length

                                    of an unknown side.  Students will know

                                   and use different  representations of

                                   fractional numbers (fractions,  decimals,

                                   and percents) and will be proficient  at

                                  changing from one to the other.  Students will  

                                  understand ratio and proportion, compute

                                  percents  of increase and decrease, and

                                  compute simple and  compound interest. 

                                 Students will graph linear  functions and

                                 understand the idea of slope and

                                  its relation to ratio.




Text:   California Mathematics, Concepts, Skills, and

           Problem Solving  (Glencoe McGraw-Hill)


Grading Scale:    88%  -  100%   A

                              76%  -  87%    B

                              64%  -  75%    C

                              52%  -  63%    D

                              0  -  51%     F




Assignments and Grade Weight:   

                            Tests  (50% of the grade)

                            Quizzes  (30% of the grade)

                            Assignments  (20% of the grade)



Class Expectations and Required Materials:

                1.  Students are expected to arrive to class on time, 

                    with pencil and paper, and the completed

                    homework  assignment. 

              2.  Students will begin each period with a warm-up


             3.  The previous days’ assignments are collected

                   and questions about the assignment are


             4.  The students will write the new assignment in

                  their  agenda.

             5.  The new assignment is introduced.

             6.  An assignment will be given out each day.

                   The  students are to start the assignment

                  is class and complete the unfinished

                  problems as homework.

             7.  Assignments are due at the next class

                   meeting.   Students do have the option

                   to turn in their  assignments one day late

                   for half of the credit.

             8.  A Test or a Quiz will be given each Friday. 

                 The corrected test will be returned on the

                 following   Monday or Tuesday.  A parent’s

                 signature is   required on the test.




Extra Credit:   Extra credit worksheets are available for students

                         who   who finish their assignment early.  Extra

                        credit  worksheets will be  made available during

                       the Winter  and Spring Recess.   




Course Outline:   1.  Integers

                     2.   Rational Numbers

                     3.  Real Numbers and the

                          Pythagorean Theorem

                     4.  Proportions and Similarity

                     5.  Percents

                     6.  Geometry and Spatial


                     7.  Measurement:  Area and Volume

                     8.  Equations and Inequalities

                     9.  Linear Functions

                    10.  Nonlinear Functions and


                   11.  Statistics and Probability




Classroom Rules:    1.  Be in your assigned seat and ready to

                                          work when the  tardy bell rings.

                                     2.  Bring pencils and papers to class

                                          each day

                                    3.  All assignments are to be done

                                         with a pencil

                                    4.  Turn assignments in on time.

                                    5.  Listen.  Follow directions the first

                                         time they are given.

                                    6.  Actions that disrupt the educational

                                        process such as  talking and walking

                                        around the room are not acceptable


                                   7.  Keep hands, feet, and negative

                                        comments to yourself.    Show

                                       respect for yourself and others.

                                   8.  This is a gum-free, candy-free,

                                       and beverage-free  classroom.

                                   9.  Follow the "Nightingale Way". 




Discipline Policy:   The following graduated consequences will be

                                   enforced for  each infraction of classroom rules.

                                  1.  1st time:   Warning

                                  2.  2nd time:  Lunch or after school detention

                                      or removal to  another classroom.

                                 3.  3rd time:  Phone call home.

                                 4.  4th time:  Parent conference and removal

                                     to either the   Dean’s or Counselor’s Office  



Work Habits:    100% to 85%  completed assignments and

                           staying on task during the entire class period = E

                           84% to 70% completed assignments  and

                           working at least   75% of the time in class = S

                           Less than 74% of the assignments completed

                           and not doing  much work in class, talking 

                           too much = U