Nightingale Middle School




STEP 1: What is SQ3R? Why is it important to learn SQ3R? Watch the video to find the answer by clicking the following link:  When the video is done you finished step 1.Please go to step 2



STEP 2: You need to sign up at the website:  

1. The "sign-up code" is 8QSREA. 

2. Create your username (First name and last name together, no spaces between them).

3. Then enter your first name in the box.

4.  Enter your last name in the box.

5.Create password (make the password the same as checking your grades online password)

6. Confirm password

7. Last step, click "sign up" button

Congratulations you've finished step 2. Go to step 3.



STEP 3: 

1.  Click on the Science tab 

2.  Select an article you are interested in.

3. Select the reading level located on the right side and then read the article.

4.After you finish reading the article, click on the "Write" button located on the right side

5. Read the question and type in your answer.

6. When finished writing your response, click on the green "submit" button.

Okay QUACKS, you are done with the assignment. Now go do you other homework! Hasta manana!