Nightingale Middle School

Dean's Office

Nightingale Dean of Students

The Dean's Office is located in room 129 next to the Counseling Office in the Administration Building.  Our main function is to provide safety and security for the students of Nightingale Middle School.  The Dean's office is staffed with a full-time dean and adult campus aides whose responsibilities range from arranging and participating in parent and student conferences to supervising students during nutrition and lunch time.  In addition, the dean's office is a safe and confidential environment in which students can discuss their concerns.


A brief interview with Mr. Summer:


1.  What word best describes you?

Multi-talented.  Competent in most things, expert in few.


2. What is your favorite winter activity?
 Down-hill skiing--there is nothing like it!!


3.  Where did you go to college, what was your major?
I have attended many colleges and universities.  I earned my BA in Communications from UC San Diego and my teaching credential and master degree from CSUN.

4.  What is your favorite sound?

Wow....good question.  Probably a full, rich, deep bass note from my electric bass guitar.


5.  How did you choose education as your career?
My father was a career educator in LAUSD.  I'd say my career path was chosen for me.


6.  Give us 5 items of trivia:
-I traveled to France as a 7th grader. 

-I love my vegetable garden. 

-I have two lovely children (girls). 

-I can put a meal together with almost anything in the refrigerator and cupboard. 

-I have climbed to the top of Mt. Whitney.

Contact information:

Summer, Mr. (323) 224-4819 Teacher