Nightingale Middle School


Welcome to the English Department!!

English Department Mission Statement
It is the vision of Nightingale Middle School’s English Department to create a learning environment where all students are motivated to find their purpose, to clearly see their worth, and to fully realize their potential.


Everyone in our school community is responsible for the education and developmental growth of our students.


Growing in this context means the implementation of developmentally appropriate activities and lessons for our English students.  All school community members must be mindful of the physical, social, physiological, and mental developmental growth that occurs for our students.


We are dedicated to ensuring the learning of the California Academic Standards.  We believe all students can become better cultured and knowledgeable about the world through meaningful, engaging work in the academic and social realm.  Educating middle level students entails knowledge of brain research, teaming, and connections with individual students.


We appreciate all students who are members of our school community.  We embrace diversity, varying cognitive abilities and individualism as elements that strengthen our school.
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McGuire, Mr. Teacher
Pearson, Ms. Teacher