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Staff Members

  • Mr. Summer
  • Ms. Scheel
  • Mr. Aston
  • Mr. Bilovsky


Safe & Civil Schools Files

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Safe & Civil Schools

Program Overview

Safe & Civil is a program instituted at Nightingale Middle School to foster safety and civility among all NMS stakeholders.

Period  Safe & Civil Lessons
1 Nightingale Way
2 Voice Levels
3 Hallway Policy
4 PE Field
5 Start on Time
6 Nightingale Way

Safe & Civil Schools Vision


        The Save and Civil Schools Process guides a school that is passionate about creating a learning environment in which students and staff members are physically and emotionally safe, socially civil, and academically productive.  At a safe school, students and staff members do not spend time or energy trying to protect themselves from emotional or physical harm.  The school environment is welcoming and invitational to all students.  Students are taught the skills they need to be successful in an ever-changing society.  For some students, school may be the only opportunity to learn the social skills necessary for success in our society.  
        Through the Safe and Civil Process, staff members are empowered to manage student behavior.  Staff members will know variables to manipulate to influence student behavior- as as opposed to feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry.  The rationale of creating the Safe and Civil Schools Page and or Guidebook is to provide all staff members with easy access to policies, lesson plans, and other documents related to the Safe and Civil Schools process.  It is our belief that when utilized, will assist all staff members in being an integral part of this endeavor.  


        The Safe & Civil Process incorporates a comprehensive program for helping schools create the base for improving their behavior management and discipline practices.  This approach is a flexible process that consists of a set of beliefs and specific content applications, including recommended policies and procedures.  Important features of this process include data-driven decision making, direction from a representative, site-based team, and productive involvement by the entire staff in all improvement activities.  It also allows for the involvement of the students, families, community members, and social agency representatives in improvement activities, as is appropriate.  
        The Safe and Civil Process is ongoing in nature.  One of the basic models that drive decision-making is that of an "improvement cycle".  This model allows for constant review, prioritizing, revising, adopting, and implementing decisions and policies that reflect staff beliefs about managing student behavior and the school environment as a whole.  The Safe and Civil Process utilizes a leadership team that is empowered to create and develop management tools and policies, which are then brought before the staff as a whole for discussion, revision, and eventual adoption and implementation.  A critical component of the Safe and Civil Process is consistent adherence to the basic practices and beliefs by all staff members.  Through the active participation of all staff, the process has already been made, and will continue to make, positive change for all members of our community.  

Safe & Civil Schools Calendar